8th March 2013, guided tours for school classes, Puls 5

Exhibition not public, only for schools & companies.

This event should not only attract robotics-fans: We want to get young people excited about robotics. This is why we offer schools from all over Switzerland the possibility of guided tours through the whole exhibition. More than 1,000 students will be present on that day.


Please note that all slots are fully booked. Therefore we cannot consider further registrations.


8th March 2013 (9am - 5pm), scientific symposium, Sphères

Free access for everybody, please join!

Top researches from around the globe will present their ideas on robots and how we will live together with these machines in the future at a cool Science Café (Sphères, just next to Puls 5). They will debate the question whether in 10 years from now robots will care for the elderly.


Please click here for the programm.


9th March 2013 (9am - 8pm), exhibition and Shows, Puls 5

Be prepared for various robots from all over the world, famous "Cyborgs" such as Rob Spence and Hugh Herr and also following highlights:


New World Record Attempt: With Cornell Ranger

Ranger's team is excited to be participating in Robots on Tour! They hope to break Ranger's previous world record for non-stop unassisted robotic walking. Please come by to ask questions and cheer Ranger on!


Watch our robots play football! The Hamburger Bit-Bots will play against the Nao Devils and demonstrate an entertaining sporting performance, which you shouldn't miss.

Flying robots - The airshow

All good things come from above: We proudly present a striking quadrocopter airshow at "Robots on Tour 2013". A quadrocopter is a kind of helicopter with four rotors.


Hello, my name is Roboy!

The AI Lab of the University of Zurich and partners from the private sector and other Universities are constructing a humanoid robot called "Roboy". "Roboy" is a pioneering project in tendon-driven robotics requiring cutting edge expertise. On 9 March 2013 "he" will attend "Robots on Tour" for the first time and welcome the visitors with a surprising performance.


Meanwhile, a lot of fans and the media are following the development of "Roboy" on his website and on Facebook. The project is financed by crowdfunding, collecting small contributions from many individuals, among other sources and the community has the opportunity to support it and thereby pushing it forward. Every supporter will receive a small token of appreciation - from tickets to "Robots on Tour", a placement of a name or logo on "Roboy" himself to a dinner with "Roboy" and his initiator Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeifer.





Experience original robot movie stars

Want to meet Terminator personally? Don't miss this chance. We are going to present fascinating and unique robots from original films, such as Terminator and Star Wars.



Robots and me! Theatre with human actors and robots E/D

A mini-drama between humans and robots starring "Roboy", produced by www.1visible.net. A piece about the intimate relations between humans and robots and how robots can become human partners.




Rights of program changes.



Robots on Tour ist ausverkauft. Leider gibt es auch keine Tickets mehr an der Tageskasse.



22.01.2013: Check out the following new interview with Prof. Pfeifer on «Roboy» at «Robots on Tour»: 




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