Anybody who is interested in robotics is very welcome.

The aim of this spectacular event is to bring together interested individuals and robots from all over the world.


We proudly present highlights such as iCub, a small robot humanoid developed by the consortium RobotCub, composed of several universities throughout Europe, famous RoboThespian, who can can communicate, interact and entertain in a way that few people have experienced before, and we have also received a confirmation from AFFETTO, a child-like robot from Osaka University in Japan, who can make realistic facial expressions.


The AI Lab is also developing a brandnew humanoid robot called Roboy. Don't miss his first public appearance at Robots on Tour 2013!


Renowned professors such as professor Rodney Brooks from the MIT, professor Fumiya Iida and professor Rolf Pfeifer from the AI Lab in Zurich will hold interesting presentations.

For further information on the program, please click here.


As you can see our program promises plenty of fun for adults and children alike.


Be part of this exiting event. Let’s meet and greet the robots!


Robots on Tour ist ausverkauft. Leider gibt es auch keine Tickets mehr an der Tageskasse.



22.01.2013: Check out the following new interview with Prof. Pfeifer on «Roboy» at «Robots on Tour»:



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