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The Osaka University in Japan has developed a new child robot platform called Affetto. Affetto can make realistic facial expressions so that humans can interact with it in a more natural way.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Minoru Asada

Universität / Hersteller: Osaka University

Herkunft: Japan

Geminoid HI4

Hiroshi Ishiguro, a roboticist at Osaka University, in Japan, has, as you might expect, built many robots. But his latest aren’t run-of-the-mill automatons. Ishiguro’s recent creations look like normal people. One is an android version of a middle-aged family man—himself.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Kohei Ogawa

Universität / Hersteller: Osaka University

Herkunft: Japan


Nao is definitely one of the coolest humanoids around that stands a chance of making it into households as a real product. Aldebaran envisions it as "an autonomous family companion." Nao can grasp objects with its prehensile hands; process image and sound data; and navigate its environment using its sonars. Multimedia features include high-fi speakers, microphones, and CMOS digital cameras


In Begleitung von: Andréa Mestre

Universität / Hersteller: Aldebaran Robotics

Herkunft: France


iCub is a small robot humanoid developed by the consortium RobotCub, composed of several universities throughout Europe.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Giorgio Metta, Prof. Giulio Sandini

Universität / Hersteller: Italian Institute of Technology, IIT

Herkunft: Italy


ECCEROBOT is an anthropomimetic robot, built with bones, muscles, and tendons to move the way humans do.


In Begleitung von: Dr. Hugo Gravato Marques

Universität / Hersteller: Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence / University of Zurich

Herkunft: Switzerland


HomeMate is a fascinating attempt to develop a home assistant/companion robot by Intelligent System Research Institute(ISRI) in SungKyumKwan University(SKKU). One of the guiding principles is the so-called «w-Cognitive Robotics for HRI(Human Robot Interaction)». The "w" stands for "will" and indicates the idea that true intelligence and believable and dependable interaction has to originate from a motivated agent.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Sukhan Lee

Universität / Hersteller: Sungkyunkwan University / Yujin Robot Co. Ltd. / Bonavision, Inc.

Herkunft: Korea


The AI Lab of the University of Zurich and partners from the private sector are constructing a humanoid robot called „Roboy“. Roboy is a pioneering project with cutting edge expertise in tendon driven robotics. On March 9 2013 he will attend Robots on Tour for the first time and welcome the visitors of Robots on Tour with a surprising performance. “Roboy” will be able to recognize faces as well as having senses such as hearing and speaking and will cruise through the exhibition ground on his bike.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Rolf Pfeifer

Universität / Hersteller: Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence / University of Zurich

Herkunft: Switzerland


RoboThespianª is a life sized, interactive, humanoid robot loved by public science centres and academic research institutions worldwide. Fully programmable and multi-lingual, RoboThespianª can communicate, interact and entertain in a way that few people have experienced before.


In Begleitung von: Will Jackson

Universität / Hersteller: Engineered Arts Ltd.

Herkunft: United Kingdom


MecWilly is a low-cost robots designed to interact with children in several educational contexts. It's tested with children of different ages including children with autism.


In Begleitung von: Roberto Massini

Universität / Hersteller: Progetto MecWilly Educational

Herkunft: Italy


This robot is a balancing, mechanoid social robot equipped with an expressive head and two dexterous hands. FLASH being a robotic companion is capable of communicating with people.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Robert Muszynski

Universität / Hersteller: Institute of Computer Engineering, Control & Robotics / Wroclaw University of Technology

Herkunft: Poland

Pneumatic Leg

Monopedal robot with musculoskeletal system including bi-articular mucles


In Begleitung von: Prof. Koh Hosoda, Hiroyuki Kidokoro

Universität / Hersteller: Osaka University

Herkunft: Japan

Hamburg Bit-Bots

A team of humanoid soccer playing DARwin-OP robots. The DARwin-OP is a versatile open plattform for sientific and private use.


In Begleitung von: Students

Universität / Hersteller: University of Hamburg / Robotis

Herkunft: Germany / Korea

HEBO #2 Robots

Bioliod Art Project in collaboration with Frank Bodin / Johannes M. Hedinger. These robots pray, swing & watch their water reflections


In Begleitung von: Prof. Robert Riener

Universität / Hersteller: ETH Zurich

Herkunft: Switzerland


Flobi is a social robot head with an expressive face and integrated sensors, for situated Human-Robot-Interaction. It can perform many facial expressions and interact with humans.


In Begleitung von: Dr. Ing. Ingo Lütkebohle

Universität / Hersteller: University of Bielefeld

Herkunft: Germany

Original Terminator and friends

Meet our moviestars! Movieprops.ch presents Original screen-used movie props from it's exclusive private collection


In Begleitung von: Roman Guettinger

Universität / Hersteller: Movieprops.ch

Herkunft: Switzerland

Brain-Controlled Wheelchair

José del R. Millan's robot that can be controlled by the brain waves of a paraplegic person wearing an electrode-fitted cap.


In Begleitung von: Prof. José del R. Millan

Universität / Hersteller: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) Lausanne

Herkunft: Switzerland


Brand new Baxter is the first of a new generation of smarter, more adaptive industrial robots.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Rodney Brooks

Universität / Hersteller: Rethink Robotics

Herkunft: USA

Cornell Ranger

Don't miss Ranger's new world record attempt at Robots on Tour 2013! Ranger will try to beat his own record, which was to walk 65 km on one single battery charge!


In Begleitung von: Prof. Andy Ruina

Universität / Hersteller: Cornell Univerity

Herkunft: USA

«Our team is excited to be participating in Robots on Tour!   We hope to break Ranger's previous world record for non-stop unassisted robotic walking.   Please come by to ask questions and cheer Ranger on!»

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Ready for an impressive airshow by Prof. Davide Scaramuzza? These are helicopters with four blades which are controlled via a specially designed app for iOS and Android devices. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 generates its own Wi-Fi network on-board, without the need of an Internet connection or wireless router to get started.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Davide Scaramuzza

Universität / Hersteller: Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence / University of Zurich

Herkunft: Switzerland

Dynamic Leg Press

This is a new generation of soft robot assisted training and therapy devices for the Sports and Health market.


In Begleitung von: Raja Dravid, Max Lungarella

Universität / Hersteller: Dynamic Devices

Herkunft: Switzerland


KOMPOTT is a small, personal robot able to receive text and voice messages and reading them aloud to the user. We have created an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for accessing numerous channels of communication, including emails, text messages, various chat services and social networking applications. Thus aiming towards a generation of elderly that has grown in to a digital world, without the capability to cope with its complexity.


In Begleitung von: Nino Cometti, Florian Wille

Universität / Hersteller: Zurich University of Arts

Herkunft: Switzerland


Kenshiro is a novel type of tendon-driven humanoid robot that mimics the human musculaskelatal system.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Masayuki Inaba

Universität / Hersteller: The University of Tokyo

Herkunft: Japan


This yellow-peep robot has been used in therapeutic support for autistic children for years. The eyes are cameras and the nose is a microphone, through which a therapist interacts with the children and records the children's behavior for academic research and social practices.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Hideki Kozima

Universität / Hersteller: Miyagi University / BeatBots LLC

Herkunft: Japan

Kibo, Silbot & Mero

Kibo, Silbot and Mero were development at KIST for the purpose of creating intelligent robots that can provide services to us humans. The primary goal of Silbot for example, is to act as a constant companion that may help encourage the elderly to maintain active and healthy minds and bodies.


In Begleitung von: Dr-Ing. Munsang Kim

Universität / Hersteller: Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

Herkunft: Korea


One of the most intriguing visions in robotics is that of a robotic housemaid capable of helping us with everyday household tasks. Researchers at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg in Germany have now started to develop a robotic application for cleaning up untidy rooms using the PR2.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Wolfram Burgard

Universität / Hersteller: Willow Garage / Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg

Herkunft: Germany


The robot is able to deal with household environments and the wide variety of objects and activities encountered in it. Watch him navigateand performe chores in a kitchen at «Robots on Tour»!


In Begleitung von: Prof. Tamim Asfour, Prof. Ruediger Dillmann

Universität / Hersteller: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Herkunft: Germany


This robot bartender is able to communicate with humans in a socially appropriate way and to serve drinks to its customers. James is developed by the EC-funded JAMES project (Joint Action for Multimodal Embodied Social Systems). Come and have a drink, served by James!


In Begleitung von: Dr. Manuel Giuliani, Prof. Alois Knoll

Universität / Hersteller: fortiss GmbH, Munich

Herkunft: Germany


"Mask-bot" is a new generation of a talking head. Unlike usual flat screens which provide some facial animation using computer graphics, Mask-bot gives a more realistic 3D rendition of a human face. Mask-bot is unique for 3 reasons: (i) a single photograph suffices for morphing it into a flat picture with 3D information, and (ii) a projector projects the morphed 3D image into the rear side of a semi-opaque 3D plastic mask such that the image gets the shape of a human head again, and (iii) the facial animation is controlled by a computer to synthesize lip movements and facial expressions synchronously with speech output. Ready is Mask-bot, a surprisingly human-like, talking head.


In Begleitung von: Prof. Gordon Cheng, Dr. Takaaki Kuratate

Universität / Hersteller: Technical University of Munich

Herkunft: Germany

Nao Devils

This humanoid soccer team will play against the Hamburg Bit-Bots


In Begleitung von: Matthias Hofmann

Universität / Hersteller: Technische Universität Dortmund

Herkunft: Germany

«It is a big pleasure for us to be invited to such a terrific event, Robots on Tour! We will have show matches against the Bit-Bots and are happy to answer your questions.»


REEM is the humanoid service robot created by PAL Robotics, can be used for several purposes. Thanks to its autonomous navigation system, its user-friendly touchscreen, and its voice and face recognition system, REEM can find its way in various surroundings and help or entertain people in most public environments. REEM can be used in a wide spectrum of public spaces as for example hotels, museums, trade shows, special events, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, care centers and many others.


In Begleitung von: Francesco Ferro

Universität / Hersteller: PAL Robotics

Herkunft: Spanien

Teleonomies walking the Eigenplot

Teleonomies walking the Eigenplot' is (a robotic installation -) an artistic experiment investigating the aesthetics of emergent systems. The installation features an aleatoric composition of sounds and movement that autonomously originate from the application of simple behavioral rules on a number of hovering robots . Once placed on the air table the robots almost feel the absence of gravity and their emergent behavior is reminiscent of the spontaneous evolution of structure and meaning.


In Begleitung von: Oli Olsen

Universität / Hersteller: Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence / University of Zurich

Herkunft: Switzerland


HERCULE is an exoskeleton designed for accompanying persons and providing assistance to carry and manipulate heavy loads, developed by the French company RB3D, CEA LIST Interactive Robotics Laboratory and ESME engineering school, under a DGA funding (RAPID). In contrast with BLEEX (also HULC) and SARCOS, it uses highly efficient electric actuators allowing the current prototype to carry a 40 kg load at 4 km/h speed with an electric autonomy of 4 hours. Only the flexion/extension joints of knee and hip are actuated. The controller principle is that actuated joints are providing torques to counteract the load weight. The high back-drivability of the actuators (CEA patents) is a key feature to have machine following the user smoothly. The back of the exoskeleton can transmit the load carried by the arms to the exoskeleton legs.


In Begleitung von: Philippe Garrec

Universität / Hersteller: RB3D

Herkunft: France

This list is based on our current information - subject to change reserved.


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